Divine Mystery
Passage Meditation with inspired comments


This passage meditation uses the Hindu prayer Divine Mystery as text for contemplation. The prayer is a direct expression of appreciation for the love of “Mother Divine”

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Saints, sages, and mystics of all traditions have experienced direct revelation of the divine mystery that connects us all. Many of them then dedicated their life to fostering that connection and teaching others how to do the same. The author of this sacred text embodies that quest.

This beautiful prayer is a mixture of affirmation, petition, and gratitude for our connection with Divine Mystery. Contemplate the deeper meaning of its poetic truth through this passage meditation track.
Divine Mystery

O Mother Divine!

Thou hast filled my entire being
With Thy power all-pervading
And hast made me Thy child –
A child born of Thy joy and Thy love –
A child ever aware of Thy glory,
Basking in the rare light of Thy grace.
How wondrous art Thou! from whom cometh forth
The splendor of sun, moon, fire, stars.
Thou sporteth, O Mother, as all the worlds,
Each being and thing is Thyself in Thy myriad forms.
How can I describe Thee – O Divine Mystery!
Thou hast held me in Thy arms;
I am free, playful, and buoyant
Under Thy assuring glance and tender care.
By Swami Ramdas

All tracks recorded and mixed at Markosa Studios. Big thanks to Mark Theis for his excellent work.