Day 7 – Ask, Act, and Allow

Day 7 to Matt Kelly’s 7-Day Audio Meditation Course, Ask, Act, and Allow

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Ask for opportunities to experience connection with Divine Mystery. Act on the intuitive nudges you receive. And allow the mystical experience to come to you in its own time. Find trusted friends and loved ones to help you cultivate this capacity. Don’t give up. There will be times when you doubt the whole idea of a greater unseen force with love for your individual self. That’s part of the human condition for some unknown reason. At that moment you have a choice between doubling down on doubt or asking God/Life/Grace for help moving through your time of darkness into a place of light. Ask for help and be willing to believe it will come. It will come.

All tracks recorded and mixed at Markosa Studios. Big thanks to Mark Theis for his excellent work.