Day 5 – Love with a Capital L

Day 5 to Matt Kelly’s 7-Day Audio Meditation Course, Love with a Capital L

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Today we’re contemplating Love – capital L. What does Love with a capital L mean to you? Take a moment to think about your answer.

For simplicity’s sake let’s use this definition: “Love – capital L is a state of being in connection with our Higher Self – is demonstrated through action, and more felt experience than mental understanding.

It’s important to approach this topic at that level of felt experience – not just intellectual comprehension – but felt sense in the body.

Many mystics, saints, and sages through the ages spoke of union with this mysterious Divine Force – Love – capital L. The Sufi poet Rumi wrote “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love”. How do we do that? For years I believed that love was a byproduct – an involuntary response that was sometimes available and often elusive. Mothers had it more for their children than anyone – and lovers had it for each other – pause – until it faded as they “fell out of love”. With study and practice, I’ve come to understand it’s more nuanced than that. Love can be cultivated – like a garden. We all have an inner capacity for unlimited love.

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