Day 4 – Using a Mantra to Enhance Focus

Day 4 to Matt Kelly’s 7-Day Audio Meditation Course, Using a Mantra to Enhance Focus

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In this lesson we’ll learn about mantrams or mantras – their history, meaning, and benefits. There are different types and uses – for our purposes we’ll focus on mantram as holy name or prayer word. Webster defines mantra as “mystical formula of invocation”. These invocations or prayer words have been used for centuries by spiritual practitioners of many traditions – as a way to clear the mind of distractions and focus attention on a higher power.

One very common issue among all meditation practitioners is distracting thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Mantrams provide a simple effective antidote to distraction by giving you a word to focus on and return to gently each time the mind wanders. Using a word with sacred meaning enhances the effect – especially with consistent practice. Spiritual masters have used mantrams for centuries to attain higher states of being. These potentials for inner calm, intuitive wisdom, and loving expression are within you now. Regular use of a sacred name or meaningful descriptor has been proven to declutter the thinking mind and open a channel to this inner higher power.

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