My Train of Thought has a Destination in Mind

“God grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change.” When my higher self ponders those words, my lizard brain sometimes yells these: “F-YOU! Shut UP! HIDE!” It feels like a runaway train in my head. How to slow the train and return control to the higher self? Acceptance, maybe? Acceptance When I first heard about acceptance it seemed to mean changing my … Read More

God is a 3-Letter Word

Who or what is God? A Supreme Being perhaps. Maybe a made-up concept. Or something else entirely. I used to believe God was the ultimate SuperHero (aka Ruler of Creation). Being baptized was my ticket to His protection and everlasting life in a lovely place called Heaven. Supposedly I could recite prayers to God and receive an answer. Trouble was, … Read More

What is Your Inner Guidance System?

What is your Inner Guidance system? It’s a conduit to being your best self. Remember a time when you felt a calm grounded knowing about a decision in your life. Picture a place that brought you a sense of quiet joy. Think of a relationship in which you were filled with love. In all those cases, you experienced some aspect … Read More